ON OCTOBER 22nd 2018 





About Michael Reid

Michael's History and Background

Michael has two diplomas with the first in Business Marketing and the second as a Law Clerk.  He has worked for over 20 years in the field of Insurance Litigation earning him the designation of being Certified as an Expert in Civil Litigation by the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario.

Prior to April 23, 2018, Michael worked at a Toronto Law Firm, but at that time he started with Will Davidson LLP in their Oakville office as a Senior Law Clerk where he helps people and businesses with a variety of claims they may have.

The primary reason Michael made a career move to an Oakville location was so he could be even more available to volunteer in the community, and to be available to assist in any way possible to the community. Michael has been prepared for some time should the people of Ward 5 agree that a New Voice is required.

A True Champion in the Ward 5 Community

Michael is a longtime resident and he is passionate about ensuring Oakville maintains it heritage and his goal of ensuring Oakville's Town Council works for its residents and not just developers and special interest groups without ties to our community. 

A few of the ways Michael has served Oakville:

  • Past Vice-Chairperson of the Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre 
  • Current member of the Board of Directors for the Trafalgar Township Historical Society 
  • Active member of the Heritage Oakville Municipal Advisory Committee
  • Member of Mayor Burton’s Community Roundtable

Oakville is YOUR Town!

Issues Facing Oakville & Ward 5

Glen Abbey

Glen Abbey is a local and a national treasure that must be protected from the hands of all eager development groups.  As it currently stands Glen Abbey is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act as a Cultural Heritage Landscape, which was accomplished with the oversight of the Heritage Oakville Municipal Advisory Commitee, which Michael was and continues to be a member.

Traffic Congestion

Oakville's traffic challenges mount with exponential development in ways that the current infrastructure cannot adequately support, and this lowers the quality of life for many of our citizens. Michael will work to ensure Traffic Congestion is limited as best as possible, including better controls of our traffic light signal timings.

Pace of Development and Unwanted Development

Current Council appears too eager to trade Oakville's unique heritage for Toronto style developments that is radically changing life for our residents. Michael will help make developer's plans respect Oakville's unique natural character and diversity. Michael will also stand up against development that is not wanted by residents in our established neighbourhoods.

Lack of Transparency

Oakville's Council at times makes decisions without enough public consultation resulting in a lack of accountability. Michael is dedicated to a fully transparent municipal government that listens to the input of its residents each and every time. 

Protection for Greenspace, Parks and Trees

The ever changing Oakville will threaten our green spaces and character of our Community. Michael will tirelessly support preservation of Oakville's green spaces. 

Oakville Transit

Michael has a primary goal of making Oakville Transit more affordable for Oakville residents. Michael will fight vigorously for a reduction in the fare price to ride Oakville Transit.